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Five Faces|Meali

Fistful More RnR V7 |Various Artist

Fistful More RnR V9 |Various Artist

Link Protrudi | Naked Crisco Twisted Party

Rudi Protrudi and Friends |

Los Burros| Same
Rudi Protrudi |Live Unfuzzed

Metallic Punk KO |Various Artist

Fistful More RnR V8 |Various Artist

Fuzztones | Gonn Primitive!

Los Burros | Domador de lobos

Fistful More RnR V4 |Various Artist

Electric Shields |
Fistful More RnR V5 |Various Artists
Fistful More RnR V6 |Various Artists
Monks |
Scope |
Steeplajack |
Neon |
Mercenary God |
Stiffs |
Gerhard Helmut |
Sanity Assassins |
Free Love Society |
Dennis Most |
Flirt |
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